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We’re Here to Help You

Madrid Financial Solutions has offered credit repair and other related services since 2021.

Employment levels have plummeted since the Pandemic, yet collectors have never stopped collecting. The less money you make, the easier it is to get into debt.


From errors in your reports to credit improvement strategies, we work with each client to find the best solutions.

We’re an innovative team of professional and experienced individuals who understand exactly what it takes to remove financial errors from your records, and help you BUILD YOUR Financial Prowess.

Moreover, we work thoroughly and diligently in order to understand each specific case and find even more ways to improve our clients’ credit and financial confidence.

Some say Knowledge is power, so I say come join us and learn about the ever-growing possibilities you have to take control of your finances and help you grow and develop into a money wielding SUPER HERO.

"Life is game, and to play the game you must know the rules, and to win the game you must make the rules."

Matthew Madrid - CEO/Founder Madrid Financial Services

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